Loans offered by Bank of Philippine Islands

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I am in huge financial crisis and looking to get some loan. My friend suggested me to get loan form Bank of Philippine Islands. I want to check that what kind of loans are offered by Bank of Philippine Islands.

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  1. Jessica Ward

    I can't hide this great testimony that took place in my life, I will love everyone to know it and be partaker,I live in United State Of America,I want to thank(RANDY KENT) for his kindness upon my family life.I never knew that there is still nice lender like this on internet and earth here. Just some Months Back, I was in search for a loan of $120,000,00 as I was running out of money for feeding and rent. I was scammed $3,800 Dollars and I decided not to involve my self in such business again but a Friend of my introduced me to a loan firm due to my appearance and can contact him via or

  2. Guest6563

    BPI goods and services are tailored to assist persons maximize what they have to pay for the life they want; from the juvenile family who likes to construct their own dwelling, to the cab person going by car who likes to own the vehicle he drives, to the overseas employee who likes to arrive dwelling for good.  To fulfill the aspirations following borrowings are suggested by Bank of Philippines Islands:

    Auto Loan

    You can use your BPI Direct Auto Loan to purchase a emblem new vehicle, an Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV), a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) or chosen emblems of utilised traveler vehicles not more than 5 years old. You can relish up to 80% of the proposed retail cost for emblem new vehicles and up to 70% of appraised worth of second hand vehicles.  Minimum lend adept allowance is Php 100,000. You can select from 12 months up to 60 months. If you have been engaged or in enterprise for not less than 2 years with a smallest whole monthly earnings of Php 40,000, you are trained to request for a BPI Direct Auto Loan.  

    Housing Loan:

    BPI Direct has made buying your illusion dwelling simpler and affordable.  Here’s why:

    You can use your BPI Direct Housing Loan to:

    •         purchase a vacant lot

    •         purchase a dwelling & lot

    •         construct a house

    •         renovate your living home

    •         refinance borrowings with other economic institutions

    Enjoy up to 80% of appraised worth or snare trading cost of an accredited project*.  Minimum lend adept allowance is Php 400,000. If you have been engaged or in enterprise for the last 2 years with a smallest whole monthly earnings of Php 50,000, you are trained to request for a BPI Direct Housing Loan.

    Motorcycle Loan:

    The so straightforward way to get your own travel I sto get a lend from BPI.

    For inquiries,


    (02) 754-6902, 754-6945, 754-6586, 754-6537 or visit the closest BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch

    Ka-Negosyo Loan:

    BPI Family Ka-Negosyo Business Loans makes it very fast, so straightforward and inexpensive for you to augment your business.

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