Long Man of Wilmington??

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Long Man of Wilmington??

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  1. Saba
    The Long Man of Wilmington is a located on one of the steep slopes of Windover Hill, six miles (9.6 km) northwest of Eastbourne. The figure is 227 feet (69 m) tall and designed to look in proportion when viewed from below. The earliest record was made by the surveyor John Rowley in the year 1710. This 18th-century drawing suggests that the original figure was a shadow or indentation in the grass with facial features, rather than just a solid outline of a human figure. The staffs were not depicted as a rake and scythe as was once thought, and the head was a helmet shape. Sir William Borrow's drawing of 1766 shows the figure holding a rake and a scythe, both shorter than the staves.

    Before 1874, the Long Man was only visible after a light fall of snow in certain light conditions. In that year an antiquarian marked out the outline with yellow bricks cemented together. Though it is claimed that the restoration process distorted the position of the feet and removed the Long Man's genitalia, there is no historical or archaeological evidence which supports that claim. Archaeological work done by the University of Reading suggests that the figure dates from the sixteenth or seventeenth century AD.

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