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I am looking for Important facts about Sirius. Please tell me with complete details.

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    Sirius Satellite Radio is a commercial-free, digital satellite wireless service belongs to and functioned by Sirius XM Radio, Inc., which furthermore functions the XM Satellite Radio service. Subscribers yield a monthly charge and can hear to more than 120 passages of report, sports, melodies, and climate and converse radio. Sirius and XM wireless were two vying wireless services until the two businesses amalgamated in 2008. As of 2011, you can select subscription packages from both XM and Sirius.
    Between 2002 and 2008, Sirius and XM were in direct affray with each other, along with customary wireless positions, Internet wireless and even progressively common digital melodies players. By 2005, XM had profited a sizable benefit over Sirius, with 3.2 million XM wireless subscribers in evaluation to 1.1 million for Sirius. In 2007, the businesses started grave considerations to amalgamate, and the U.S. Department of Justice accepted the amalgamation in March 2008.
    Merger Debate
    The Sirius-XM amalgamation had its opponents. Seventy-two constituents of Congress marked a note advising that the amalgamation be refuted, citing the detail that Sirius and XM were the two superior satellite wireless providers, and amalgamating the two would conceive a monopoly that would not be beneficial for consumers. However, Thomas Hazlett, a lecturer of economics at George Mason University, issued a study displaying that the $13 billion amalgamation would make satellite wireless more economically viable, citing the detail that satellite wireless accounted for just 7 per hundred of U.S. wireless incomes in 2006. The Justice Department acquiesced and furthermore cited the detail that the amalgamation would probable outcome in "substantial" cost savings that could advantage consumers.
    To get access to Sirius XM Radio, listeners in most situations had to buy a satellite wireless receiver that they would climb on and attach to their vehicle's audio schemes utilising attachment kits. Though primarily satellite wireless was conceived mainly to be utilised in vehicles, in 2011 you have the choice to buy a portable receiver that you can convey with them. There are furthermore satellite wireless receivers conceived for the home. Sirius XM boasts three foremost monthly subscription packages: a $16.99 bundle proposing more than 180 passages from both XM and Sirius, a $12.95 design for more than 170 passages from XM's lineup, and a $12.95 design for hearing only through the Sirius XM website, with no buy of a wireless required.
    Financials and Management
    In February 2011, Sirius XM Radio Inc. broadcast that the business acquired $2.82 billion in incomes in 2010. In supplement, the business profited 1.4 million subscribers in 2010, with total subscriber groundwork of 20.1 million. As of 2011, Mel Karmazin was the head boss agent of Sirius XM Radio Inc.; Scott Greenstein was leader and head content agent, and James Meyer was leader of procedures and sales.

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