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My friend is looking for the for Samsung Galaxy Tab APP details. Please provide us full and complete information regarding our query.

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  1. Jennifer

     "With the Samsung Galaxy tab and its Android Operating System, you can download a world of applications and get access to them in the palm of your hand. There are a huge variety of applications from games and amusement to news and finance. There is an Android app for virtually anything you could want. Visit the Android Market to know everything the Galaxy tab has to present.

    Please keep this in mind that these are not particular for the larger screen of the Tab, they also work fine on Android phones. All of these apps are there in the Android Market on the device. Here is the list of Samsung Galaxy Tab APP:

    • LauncherPro

    • Beautiful Widgets

    • Dolphin Browser HD

    • Plume

    • Kindle

    • gReader Pro

    • Pocket Informant

    • Amazon MP3

    • Angry Birds

    • Thinking Space Pro"

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