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We are living in San Francisco; my sister has recently completed her engineering degree from a reputable firm. Now she is searching for a good job in the market. Please provide us a list of manufacturing engineer jobs so she can apply in one of them.

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  1. Jennifer

     "The job of a manufacturing engineer involves a wide array of obligations and commitments. The most significant function of the manufacturing engineer is to hold the production queues functioning at high proficiency and securely. The manufacturing engineer makes recommendations for the sequencing of accomplishment; the procedures utilized to make the item, and may be needed to evolve new methodologies or techniques for new item development.

    Below is the list of current job opening in the market:

    • Automation Electrician, Crystal Lake, Illinois

    • Process Engineer, Lewiston, Idaho

    • Senior Process Engineer, Pullman, Washington

    • Maintenance & Engineering Planner, Indianapolis, Indiana

    • Senior Manager, Aseptic/Hot Fill, Somers, New York"

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