Effective Arm & Shoulder Exercises

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I have a good height but do not happen to have strong arms and broad shoulders. This makes my posture quite dull and rather un-attractive. I do not have time to go to a gym regularly as I work in rotating shifts. For this reason, I would appreciate if anyone could tell me about some effective Arm & Shoulder Exercises.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    You can try some good exercises for shaping-up your arms and shoulders. This must be understood that the exercise for Arms & Shoulders is probably the toughest one and may require some good stamina. Something which you would require for exercising is a pair of Dumbbells having some suitable weight, which can be increased with the passage of time. For shoulders, you will stand straight, preferably in front of a mirror and lift the Dumbbells one by one above your head in a way that you feel some kind of pumping in your shoulders. Next you will sit down and take the dumbbells above your head, touch them together and bring down again. Third, you will hold the dumbbells and will perform a waving action which will be good both for your arms and chest. Lifting dumbbells one by one is a very common exercise for making your arms. 

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