Looking for some good family room decorating ideas

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I and my husband newly moved in California, now we are planning to decorate our now home. Please give me some good family room decorating ideas.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Follow these so simple and cheap concepts to embellish your family room to make everyone feel at home.

    • Look through home embellishing publications for an image to use for an inspiration.

    • Avoid white when decorating or buying furnishings for the family room. White will get very dirty very quickly if you frequently use the room. Do not hang wallpaper. Wallpaper has patterns which will make your room to look congested and closed in.

    • There are some choices to select from when it’s the matter of floor covering. The easiest of the choices would be a large rug.

    • Since you are embellishing the family room, why not use images of your family? If you would rather, take your own photographs or even photographs of the beautiful flowers from your grandmother's garden.

    • While selecting accessories for your casual family room, select the things that are family amicable and not breakable. If you have a coffee table in the middle of the room, don’t put breakable or precious things on it. Old publications make large accessories for family rooms. Another attractive accessory is greenery. A little small bush of greenery can be tucked into an empty ledge corner to give it a splash of color."

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