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I want to download some font pack from different websites. Someone please give me link for premium web 2.0 logo fonts rapidshare and also provide the list of fonts logo. Does anyone know about it? Please help me.I sure you can help me about it. Thanks

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  1. Guest7414

    Here you are some following links from where you can download the web 2.0 logo fonts rapidshare;

    This website make available you the facilities to download the free of charge premium web 2.0 logo fonts with a uncommon collection of premium fonts used to create the logos of the world’s top internet companies.  

    Here is the list of premium web 2.0 logo fonts.

    • Agency Bold

    • Alternate Gothic No. Two

    • Arial Rounded Bold and Bell Gothic Black

    • Avenir (Book, Medium, Heavy)

    • Avernus

    • Base 9 Regular SC

    • Catull (the Google font)

    • Digital Sans Medium

    • FF Cocon Bold

    • FF DIN Medium

    • FF Dot Matrix Two Regular

    • FF Meta Bold and Book

    • Frankfurter Medium or Bryant Bold Alt

    • Frutiger Black

    • Frutiger Bold

    • Handel Gothic Bold

    • Helvetica (complete set)

    • Hoefler Text

    • Interstate Black

    • Interstate Regular

    • ITC Bauhaus Medium

    • ITC Officina Bold

    • ITC Ronda

    • Klavika

    • Lisboa Sans

    • Myriad Pro (complete set)

    • Neo Sans Medium

    • Pixel Fonts

    • Proxima Nova

    • Syntax Bold

    • Trade Gothic Bold

    • VAG Round (Round, Rounded BT, Rounded Lt-Normal, VAGRundschriftD)


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