Looking to adopt a newborn girl or a girl no older than 3

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Hi there. My husband and I and our one adopted son are looking to add to our family. I cannot concieve due to a previous emergency hysterectomy and my husand was fixed before i met him. We Live in Alberta Canada and can only adopt a child from alberta. we know how to do a direct placement adoption as we did all the paper work ourselves for our sons adoption. It would mean the world to us to have another child to love. if you are interested please contact me. Amanda 403-823-9860 or at thank you kindly

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  1. Guest8735

    You should try if you are christian.  Also, why is your husband "fixed"

  2. Guest5485

    Hello there , my name is Sandra Deanne Rodriguez , am 21 years old ... I Am Looking for a Very Financially Stable Couple Willing To Adopt My 10 months old Baby boy , please you can e-mail me back at for more information and pictures of him .

    NB: Only serious and christian family should contact me please , i will be impatiently waiting for your reply ...


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