MGS-01 Corsa, is it really a fast bike?

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What is your opinion about the speediness MGS-01 Corsa? I guess you can share some valuable information regarding its outstanding specs.

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  1. Guest2917

    The MGS-01 Corsa is a world famous motorcycle for all modern-day pathways where a biker wants to enjoy his biking sessions, with all the character of yesterday’s forms, and with many more technology. Moto Guzzi does not state so theoretically, but verifies it on the racetrack. MGS-01 Corsa has verified to be comparable when it won two successive rushes with Gianfranco Guareschi in Florida respectively in the year 2006 and 2007 and recurring this supremacy triumphant the nationwide Supertwins title.

    The air-cooled 1125 cc V90 stage two-cylinder, four-stroke, four-valve motor impels ahead at all speeds. The effect of power and elegance is focused even more by its performance. All it takes is a gaze at the constituents to realize why Chrome plated cylinders decrease friction to a minimum; brass bearings are restored by roller bearings. Control arrives simultaneously with power controlled from a travelling place that has been revised for use on the racetrack.

    Its rear suspension is quite effective with a 513mm swingarm in a boxed aluminum and an upright frightening absorber just behind the engine is a good addiction. And with just 200g between the front and back axle, it really assists to make this sports bike quite easy to handle, simultaneously with the restricted heaviness and the decreased wheelbase as the front 43 mm Ohlins branches can be modified to three positions.



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