Major problems of education in Philippines

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Philippines literacy rate is among the highest literacy rate in Asia but still there are some problems in the education system of Philippines. Please tell about all major problems of education system of Philippines.

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    The literacy rate in the Philippines has advanced a lot over the last couple of years- from 72 % in 1960 to 94 % in 1990. This is attributed to the boost in both the number of schools constructed and the grade of enrollment in these schools. Aside from the figures explained before, which are outstanding, there is furthermore required gazing nearly and determination the next significant issues: 1) quality of education 2) affordability of education 3) government budget for education; and 4) education mismatch.

    1. Quality - There was a down turn in the value of the Philippine learning, particularly at the elementary and secondary levels. For demonstration, the outcomes of standard tests conducted among elementary and high school students, as well as in the National College of Entrance Examination for school students, were way below the target mean score.

    2. Affordability - There is furthermore a large-scale disparity in informative achievements across social groups. For demonstration, the socioeconomically deprived students have higher dropout rates, particularly in the elementary level. And most of the freshmen students at the tertiary grade arrive from somewhat well-off families.

    3. Budget - The Philippine Constitution has mandated the government to assign the largest percentage of its allowance to education. However, the Philippines still has one of the smallest allowance shares to education amidst the ASEAN countries.

    4. Mismatch - There is a large percentage of ""mismatch"" between teaching and actual jobs. This is the foremost difficulty at the tertiary grade and it is furthermore the origin of the reality of a large assembly of educated jobless or underemployed.

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