Manchester Log End Dart Board. where can i buy a manchester log end dart board from ive looked

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where can i buy a manchester log end dart board from ive looked eveywhere but cant find one

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  1. amomipais82
    Hi There,

    There are no official 'National' rules, because these boards are regional in nature, so local league rules apply.

    Having conducted research as a result of a previous question I have found the following set of league rules covering the Manchester board and the traditional 301 game

    301 Rules for the Manchester Board

          The dart board should hang securely from a wall so that the height of the centre bull is 5ft 3ins / 161cm from the floor.

          The throwing distances is 7ft 6 ins.

          The toe-line or Oche shall be clearly marked and should be at least 18ins long. The toe line can be just a painted line on the ground or a securely raised line indicator such as a piece of wood or metal. The latter is preferable as the thrower has firm edge to rest his/her foot against.

          The order of play is either determined by a toss of a coin or by each player throwing for the centre bull the nearest being the player that throws first. The rules here can vary depending on the league you may be playing in; the local rules should be observed at all times.

         When throwing for the bull, if the first thrower hits the centre bull or outer bull the dart is usually removed before the second player throws. If the second player hits the same as the first player then the bulling-up procedure starts again. If the first player's dart does not hit either the centre bull or outer bull then the dart remains in the board until the second player throws. If the first player's dart is obstructing the bull the second player may request the marker / ref to straighten the dart. (See local rules)

         Once the order of play as been determined the winner will start leg one and odd legs after that. The looser will start leg two and even legs thereafter.

         Generally each player’s score is must start and finish a game with a double (The narrow outer ring of the board). Competition games, however, are usually played with a straight start (no compulsory double) but with a compulsory double to finish.  

    Hope it helps

  2. Guest3866
    treble darts on yorkshire street in oldham
  3. Guest428
    pyramid sports    / Manchester
  4. Guest1217
    You can get the manchester log end dartboard from david mealey of denton. contact number 0161 336 4732
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