Maria L Garcia and Carmine Annunziata intruding into the private lives of customers?

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Why does Maria L Garcia and her boyfriend Carmine L Annunziata or ARMED FORCES MCSS 166-30 Jamaica Ave Jamaica, NY intrude into the lives of their customers and scam soldiers and harass people. Is this any way to run a co-called business? Doesn't this look like a bunch of creepy scammers trying to deny years of horrible shady activity at Armed Forces MCSS? Why do Maria and Carmine want people to believe that they are running a real military MCSS when they are civilians? Didn't they realize that eventually people were not going to take their c**p anymore? What was Maria thinking when she let Carmine buy NYPD uniforms and Carmine Annunziata is a wanted FUGITIVE? Will anyone ever get answers to these questions? Will Maria always protect Carmine Annunziata?

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  1. Guest1819

    Fugitive Alert for Carmine Annunziata of Armed Forces MCSS.

  2. Guest5309  


    Carmine Annuziata lived in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida in the middle 1990's. I was dating him until I found out what a creep and a scam artist he was. I dumped him because he was crazy. I found pornographic videos of she-males in his closet at his apartment and told him I didn't want to see him any longer. I  basically had to go in hiding because he was stalking me.  After his car was repossed, he had his (so-called) stepfather rent him a minivan and wouldn't return it. He ran to NY with the rental.  He planned on coming back to the Orlando area to try to make me go to NY with him.  The police were contacted and they tapped my phone, which gave them the location of the hotel he was staying at and led to his capture and arrest. He waslater released on parole and fled.

  3. Guest2892

    I use to be related to him in the early 80's when he was married to my sister. He use to beat her he was a creep then and from I've been reading he still is one.

  4. Guest7268

    Please contact us with info about this person Carmine Annunziata who is currently a wanted fugitive.

  5. Guest1661

    MARIA GARCIA the CEO of Armed Forces MCSS is just as guilty as Carmine.  Read the excerp from a article.  It is the whole family

    Star Of Queens Wednesday, July 23, 2008 5:09 PM EDT Captain Maria Garcia United States Army, U.S. Army Recruiting Sub-Station

    INSPIRATION:“"My inspiration is the people around me," she said. "Carmine is a good example, my family. Just surrounding yourself with people who love and care about you, that motivates you and keeps you going. I'm missing that a little now that I'm far away from everyone, but I'm meant to do my duty over here [in Germany]. My family now is the military while I'm here."


  6. Guest553

    Carmine Annunziata a fake military officer and Maria Garcia a member of the US Army Reserves are partners in crime scamming US Soldiers and scamming US Gov't agencies that administrate the sale of military items to US Soldiers. Carmine Annunziata and all of his co-cospirators should be put in jail for everything they have done to scam US Soldiers and their harassment of soldiers. Carmine is a devious criminal should spend the rest of his life in jail under the 3 strikes law.

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