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From Sanjay Mehta

Fascinating model. Should be interesting. But it is not free really, is it? To 'own' a keyword, you would need to pay, right? In any case, it looks good. Best wishes for success!

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  1. Guest8872
    From Tony

    Can we set a day & time to chat? I would like to learn more about your companies services and see if we might be able to work together. I'm also looking to expand my business into Pakistan and would like to get your insight as to the best way to enter your country. Let me know what day & time works best for you and what phone number to call you on?

  2. Guest9995
    Richard Neidinger

    Nice site - well done, attractive, intuitive and all that - I'd like to know who did the mechanics of it all. Shot me a message or post it here. My business shares your philosophy that sometimes - oftentimes - search engines & SEO just don't cut it. Congrats on finding another spin on that.
  3. Guest6290
    Julie Adams

    Very easy to use, lots of information and its extremely fast.  Why did you guys use .net and not open source such as php?

    The idea is really good, connecting people in real time but you need to have lots of people to make it worthwhile for those searching for and for those willing to provide results.

    All in all a idea worth staying up to date with.
  4. Guest3596

    very well done site with lots of information. Your alexa ranking is amazing in a very short time. you got one more sticky user in me.
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