Mcdonalds pay stubs how to get it online

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Mcdonalds pay stubs how to get it?  I recently started working at mcdonalds and would like to get access to my mcdonalds pay stubs online.  They have created a process to cook burgers, which can even be handled by a teenager but when it comes to providing the essential services for the employees, it is so hard to find anything.

In today's technological world, even a smallest retailer has online presence. For mcdonalds to get an online employee website where we can log on to see our past payslips, our work schedule, Book time off with hr and or try switching shifts with other mcdonalds employees, it won't be hard and super useful for the employees.  

I am sure if the mcdonalds head office can't find a company to do this, i can do recommend someone.  Walmart has a separate employee site and so do some of the other large retailers.  

Information about mcdonalds payroll, payslips and holidays are needed by everyone.  

If anyone knows how to get mcdonalds paysubs online, please help me.

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