Media's role in easing off tension in Pak-India World Cup 2011 semi final match.

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Should the media play an important role in easing off the tension rises from the Pakistan-India world cup 2011 semi final match?

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  1. Guest6402

    The Pakistan-India World Cup 2011 semi final would be full of tension that is for sure. It should be the role of media that besides intensifying the situation created by a cricket match between the two arch rivals, they should be trying to ease off the tension amongst fans, viewers and perhaps the players as well. When media gets so much involved in a match, with a motive of publicity a cricket match becomes a political war more than a sports event.


  2. Guest6424

    I totally agree with you that is what make the players feel all the tension which the loosing team viewers get so much in focus of media and political involvement is always there in what so ever form.

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