Medical tests usually required for the Australian 574 visa Assessment level 3

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Medical tests are very important for Australian 574 visa. Does anyone know that what medical tests are usually required for the Australian 574 visa Assessment level 3?

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  1. Guest1095
    You will probably need to have a full medical including chest x-rays and blood tests though that will depend to some extent on your country and the length of your course. Your medical must be taken no earlier than 6 months before your course start date by one of the panel doctors in your country and they will know exactly what is required. The following includes a link to listings of panel doctors in each country and details of the required forms and documentation: find this link and  check the extent of the medical that will be required before contacting a panel doctor, contact the departmental office in your country. Make sure they understand that you will be involved in postgraduate research rather than the more usual student degree

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