Medicines and Medical Tools at Sydney airport

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Is there anyone who knows that what type of medicines and medical tools can I bring at Sydney airport. Can someone tell me about this I am searching for it for quite long time?

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  1. Guest2672
    You are allowed to bring medicines, hypodermic needles and medical tools if it is essential for your journey at Sydney aircraft. However there are certain conditions you must follow to:
    Have medicines and/or medical tools ready for inspection;
    An Aviation Security Officer at Sydney airport may request proof of need for medications or tools for your journey. You may need supporting documentation from a relevant qualified   medical professional (such as a letter, prescription or medical card); and
    Make sure the name on the label of the medication matches the name on the boarding pass.
    Remember to take only what you need for your journey. Extra supplies and larger containers of medicine can go in your checked-in baggage.

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