Medium haircuts styles of 2011

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My younger sister needs to know the medium haircuts styles of 2011. Is there anyone who can tell me please?

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  1. Jennifer

     "Whether your hair is aligned, twisted or wavy, mid-length hair can be much simpler to style your hair than long or short hair.

    Styles for Straight Hair

    Medium Length silky hair can be modernized in diverse aspects by a cut. Try a classic bob in a medium length, where the edges are bluntly cut and just clear your shoulders or collar bone. For this slash, you can select a pin straight style by utilizing a bit of flattening cream and a value flat iron. A layered cut furthermore is good for aligned, medium-length hair. An angled haircut includes an intriguing component to aligned hair.

    Styles for Wavy Hair

    Many celebrities have their hair in medium-length, wavy styles. One of the most well liked cuts for wavy hair at this length is a tousled, beach s**y look. Achieve this cut by utilizing a hair product on moist hair to play up your natural waves. Then, braid hair into parts and depart in overnight. Next day, untwist your braids and complete with a light fashioning squirt to hold."

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