Mercedes Benz DFashion: Day 3

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Mercedes Benz DFashion: Day 3

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    Reni, Mexican designer of Italian descent, presented his collection called, " Womananimal ", which is based in the laboratory of Charles Darwin, where women are kept in formalin. One can say that the walkway was very interesting, because it was divided into three parts: surgical cuts, woman or animal muscles.

    In the articles that could be seen were the transformations of these same. The models wore very exaggerated hairstyles to give more intensity to the moment, together with the effect of the garments, ranging from inlaid leather and fringes to imitations of veins. The color palette was used (neutral red and gray) ideally represented in the collection.

    Manhes & Massun

    Manhes & Massun was created by Isabelle and Sophie Massun Manhes originating in Bogotá, Colombia. On this occasion there was great excitement was the catwalk, as they have worked for designers such as Marc Jacobs and Krsitina Popovitch.

    The male designs that were submitted, received a very ethnically based image shorts and pants. As for the female, were retro style with notched cuts, they should be mentioned that highlighted hats worn by the models, giving personality to the garments.

    Alexia Ulibarri

    Designer with a great future, you will undoubtedly characterized by its romantic style, but in an exclusive interview with ActitudFEM, reveals that you think your brand is conceptual and technical at the same time. This proposal was seen in MBDFW not lack creativity, as the collection called, " Astris " (" stars " in Latin), tells a story itself, where lost in the ice finds an alien being.

    The colors that dominated the catwalk were gray, lilac and orange; cuts were skewed, with volume and very feminine. At the same time, wanted to project the appearance of the garments had ice, so that several of them were covered by plastic.

    Moreover, the designer told us that it takes 3 months pregnant, and this has helped it to focus more on their work.

    Julia and Renata

    The Renatatienen sisters Julia and aim to provide functional, intelligent and well made ​​pieces. His philosophy is based on the study of the body in experimentaciÃ_ny research and the search for new alternatives in the design.

    They presented " Ver Sacrum " (Sacred Spring). The collection consisted of 25 garments and fabrics used were both vaporous as satin, giving a feeling of much movement. The colors were red, black, blue and pumpkin, giving it an antique touch to the garments.

    José MarÃ_a Torre

    The designer Jose Maria Torre closed the night on the third day of MBDFW with his signature call, "eight". The designer said: " Eight is a real effort to eradicate malinchismo Mexican mentality. I want to support the fashion industry in Mexico which, although small, is making its way in the taste of the people. "

    The proposal was seen on the catwalk urban fashion, with colors that characterized the same.

    Moreover, it is noteworthy that the manufacture of their designs are 100 % domestic.

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