Mercury tilt/ trim problem

by Guest1405  |  12 years, 2 month(s) ago

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The 60 HP motor on our boat will not trim up.  Checked the switch and fluid, all seem good.  Any ideas to get this thing going??




  1. Guest3168
    the bow and sturn tilt switches do ont work. If I touch a ground wire to either side of the switchs the motor goes up onlt. The switch on the shift leaver works fine. I have a 1985 18' Winner with a 175 hourse

  2. Guest3068
    I have a 2003 merc 9.9 hp I need to adjust the mercury switch for the t&t can some one tell me were its located. thanks
  3. Guest6307
    hi i have a 2001 merc 40hp. the tilt & trim when under pressure slowly drops but theirs no fluid leaks ????????
  4. Guest1750
    My Engine tilts up by itself and will continue running in the up position until battery is disconnected. I disconnected aux switch and it seemed to solve problem for about a week, and then tilted up again and ran until I disconnected battery. I'm at a loss because boat is under cover!!

    Thanks for any assistance...............
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