Michael Jackson skin condition

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I am a huge fan of Michael Jackson; I always try to follow his traits and fashions every time. But now I need to know the details about the skin conditions of Michael Jackson.

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  1. Jennifer

    Michael Jackson skin condition  Michael Jackson skin condition

     "Michael Jackson’s skin status has been suffering from a rare skin disease called vitiligo. Vitiligo, makes the skin to lose its pigmentation producing in white patches.

    According to doctors there is no well known origin for vitiligo though medical practitioners and researchers suppose that this may be due to an immune system illness. It appears to be more widespread in persons with other autoimmune infections for example lupus.

    Michael Jackson’s skin disorder started as most other vitiligo situations on skin parts revealed to the sun. In Michael Jackson’s condition, it is most often described to have been his hand, therefore the trademark sequin glove utilized to cover the patches and furthermore to hide the skin from the sun rays. "

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