Michael jordan hall of fame induction speech

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Michael jordan hall of fame induction speech.  Michael is and will always be the best NBA player the world has seen. Every team he played had well planned plan for him and put extra people to cover him, yet every time he did what he was known for best "kick a*s".

Michael Jordan during his speech showed he was still a human; Michael gets emotional before massive turnout that sees him enshrined among basketball immortals at Hall of Fame in Springfield. Well done Mr.Jordan.

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  1. Victor Strong

     I absolutely agree, Jordan is the absolute gold standard, a true force of nature who dominated basketball and pushed it to what it is today both globally and athletically. His Hall of Fame speech was an absolute gem for those who really understand the type of maniacal worker and competitor Michael Jordan was.

    The traits that made him the greatest were well exhibited in the jabs, one liners and insults he threw around. Jordan would often call out teammates, get under the skin of opponents and even created stories of how opposing players had insulted him. He hated losing more than others loved winning and worked harder than others to ensure he never lost. He had a fantastic coach and team and made the most of what he had and will forever live as a basketball legend for it.

    Check out the video at the link below:

  2. Guest7110
    well deserved, for jordan.
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