Miss Popularity DREAM BOY HELP!!!!!

by Guest5068  |  9 years, 4 month(s) ago

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OK well i am trying to find my dream boy (the sport one) and i ask everyone on the field and i asked the guy in the blue sweatshirt and he is by the goal and i ask him every single thing at the bottom of the screen and there is still a ! on top of his head and he is no help at all. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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  1. Guest7905
    Go on the skate board and impress the guy

  2. Guest6223
    i have the exact same question if u eva figure it out tell meh thx but ive been working on it for eva!! ugh!!!
  3. Guest7536

    GO TO the guy next to the goal and talk to him tell him a white lie then tell him u date one of the player he may give u a chance to show your skills with the scoccer ball (keep the line in the green area) then he will tell u to come back but change your clothes then u will meet your dreamboy,hope it helps

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