Mobile directory of Pakistan listing all operators

by Guest3201  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Is there any mobile directory of Pakistan online which is listing numbers from all mobile operators in Pakistan?

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  1. Guest2997

    There is no specific mobile directory of Pakistan listing all the mobile operators contact numbers. I searched on net and found this online source, where contact numbers of mobile operators functional in AJK and Gilgat Baltistan are specified. You can access this online source through this link:

  2. Guest3149

    As explained by Mitchel, there's no particular mobile numbers directory operational in Pakistan. Since, mobile numbers are private, so they cannot be kept under a phone directory accroding to law.... On the othr hand, if you're looking for mobile numbers for marketing purpose, you can contact some local SMS software companies, they do have a list of mobile numbers for a particular region, but they do not have all other information about the subscriber!

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