Most Influential Events In History

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Looking for a complete list of most influential events in history. Please share!

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     Following is the complete list of most influential events in history:

    1. Signing of the U.S. Constitution

    The U.S. Constitution came in to being on September 17, 1787. It was signed by 39 out of 55 delegates of the Philadelphia Convention. It replaced the Articles of Confederation and became the Supreme Law of the United States.

    World Wars2. World Wars

    The world witnessed two major wars that are called the World Wars. The First World War was from 1914 to 1918 and the second from 1939 to 1945.  The two World Wars left the world in such instable positions that recovering from them was not easy.

    Assassination Julius Caesar3. Assassination of Julius Caesar

    The assassination of Julius Caesar by the so-called liberators had long lasting effect on the whole of the Roman Empire. The assassination led to a series of civil wars in Rome and ultimately the ascent of Caser Augustus, the grand nephew of Caesar.

    Invention Printing Press4. Invention of the Printing Press

    The invention of the printing press has revolutionized communication. The invention of the first printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the year 1440 has remained one of the biggest inventions of all times.

    Invention of the Airplane5.  Invention of the Airplane

    The invention of the first airplane by the Wright Brothers triggered the invention of the planes what we see today. Their 12 seconds in air is considered as the basis of all inventions related to flying.

    Declaration of Independence6.  Declaration of Independence

    With the declaration of independence, thirteen colonies announced their intention to free themselves from the British rule. The Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed by 56 delegates of the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. The date is considered as the Independence Day of United States. This declaration was primarily written by Thomas Jefferson. It had many widespread effects on the world and this can truly be called the event that initiated the end of colonialism.

    Invention of Gunpowder7. Invention of Gunpowder

    Guns were the deadliest weapons before the invention of atomic bombs. They have become the base of every weapon used in the war front now. The increase in the number of casualties in modern wars is because of the tremendous impact of this invention.

    Discovery of the Western Hemisphere8. Discovery of the Western Hemisphere

    The term “Western Hemisphere” is referring to the part of the world that lies to the west of prime meridian.  The sailors of the olden centuries discovered the western hemisphere and this has changed the way people conceived many things including the shape of the world. This has tremendously improved the trade scenario and changed the world.

    Death of Jesus9. Death of Jesus

    Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity. Crucifixion and the incidents that followed are of great importance in the Christian community. The death of Jesus Christ is one of the most influential events for all of humanity.

    Muhammad Death10. Death of Muhammad

    Muhammad is considered as the last perfect prophet by the Muslim community. In fact, the people who accepted the teachings of Muhammadcame to be known as ‘Muslims’ and they constituted the religion of Islam. He was poisoned and killed following his conquest on a Jewish settlement, and this created quite an impact on the world.

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