Motorola Announced Xooms Price and Release Date

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Hey, I just want to know about the price of Motorola Xoom and its Release Date as well. Does anyone know about it?

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  1. Guest5023
    Motorola says it will start selling a Wi-Fi-only version of its Xoom tablet computer for $599 on March 27.
    The Xoom is a prominent competitor to Apple Inc.'s iPad. A version with cellular broadband access went on sale through Verizon Wireless last month for $800, or $600 with a two-year contract.
    The Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 model with 32 gigabytes of flash memory, the same amount as the Xoom, also costs $599. Manufacturers trying to take on the iPad have otherwise had a hard time matching the iPad's price.
    The iPad 2 and Xoom both have fast dual-core processors and two cameras. But the Motorola Mobility Inc.'s tablet runs Google Inc.'s Android software, while the iPad runs a version of the iPhone's software.

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