Motorola Atrix: Half Smartphone, Half PC From CES 2011

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The Motorola Atrix aims to be more than just another fancy smartphone.  Does anyone know about it?

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  1. Guest9968
    It's a laptop too.
    The Atrix is one of the first smartphone/PCs, largely made possible by NVIDA's dual-core Tegra 2 chip, which lives inside.
    The key to the Atrix's abilities lies in it's ability to run two operating systems, Google's Android 2.2 and a customized version of Linux. When plugged into a dock the Atrix can virtually become a desktop PC (attached to a monitor). Motorola is also releasing a Laptop Dock, which the phone plugs into, that's almost as thin as a MacBook Air, according to PC Magazine.
    Now for the specs. The Atrix makes such a good computer because it's almost built like one. With 802.11n wireless networking, HSPA+ 4G capabilities, 1GB ram, 16GB of storage space and a MicroSD slot, it virtually is a computer in your pocket.
    Perhaps most enticingly, Firefox supports Flash and other plug-ins. According to Motorola's press release, while in laptop or PC mode Android applications can also be run in a separate window.

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