My 11 yr old son is training for 800 meter run, Any training tips??

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My 11 yr old son is training for 800 meter run, Any training tips??

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  1. Victor Strong

     I agree fully with the previous answer in that your son should understand what his fastest consistent speed is in order to use that as a benchmark for his training. With that established, he should work on improving both his stamina to maintain his top speed and finish strong as well as his explosiveness to start well and accelerate. To train for stamina he should work on running high speed intervals (sprint for 100 meters, jog for 100 meters and repeat). This will greatly increase speed. Other than this, developing the ability to run well and finish strong at a 1 km distance will make 800 meters a breeze. It is imperative that he not train for more than 5 days per week.

  2. Guest8884
    Try and find the fastest speed he can manage for the whole way, train at that for a little while so he can get used to it, then try to push it - maybe by starting stronger or finishing with a 50-metre sprint.
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