My Team For ICC Cricket World Cup 2011

by Guest7233  |  9 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Just curious to know which team has more followers for ICC Cricket world cup 2011! Please share your team for ICC cricket world cup 2011!

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  1. Guest85

    Vote for India!

  2. Guest8962

    Mine is England btw!

  3. Guest2034

     I am supporting the mighty  SouthAfricans.

  4. Guest787

    Boom boom pakistan

  5. Guest9476
    I will go for Australia.
  6. Guest3063

     East or west Pakistan is the best! 

    They are the first to beat Australia from many many years so Pakistan is the best team in this World Cup and they are going to win the all matches including semi-final with India and the final with Sri-Lanka.
  7. Guest3679

    I support England. But Unfortunately we have out of  World cup now.


  8. Guest4223



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