My baby loves sucking hand despite taking solid food.

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Eversince I have been noticing babies, almost all of them love to suck their hands. A very general concept is that this is an indication that a baby is hungry. I have been noticing my baby ofcourse since the time of his birth. Somehow, I have noticed that although his solid feed has started, he still loves to suck his hand like anything. I have tried a few substitutes to eliminate this habit but nothing seems to be working right. I would like to know that is it something normal or requires special attention to be stopped.

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  1. James Harley

    This is true that when a baby has hand in the mouth either it is a sign that the baby is hungry or about to grow teeth. Most parents do not like to see this happening as consider it as something weird. Nevertheless, studies reveal that this is the way a baby explores the world. Since the hands are his first play toys so by sucking he is actually learning how to manipulate his hands by bringing them to his mouth, how to maneuver his tongue, the sensation of chewing and touch. Hence, it is a good exercise for a baby.

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