My ferret is breathing strangely.

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my ferret just started making this strange hiccuping sound a few moments ago so i got on the internet to check it out and realized that there are so many things that it could be. He has started playing now but he usually makes cute little ferret sounds while playing and he acts as though hes struggling to make any sound. if someone has any ideas please please enlighten me

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  1. amomipais82
    Without seeing your ferret and hearing what you are talking about, it's hard for me to know if that is normal breathing or not.

    If a ferret paws at the roof of their mouth, it usually means they are feeling sick to their stomach.

    Coughing can also be caused if you are not giving your ferret FerretLax, Laxatone or any malt flavored cat laxative. He MUST have this so the hair he gets in his throat (while l*****g and cleaning himself) gets carried out in his poops instead of turning into a 'hairball' in his stomach or intestines.  The laxaative comes in a tube and you should give your ferret 1" ribbon on your hand and let him l**k it off - once each week.  When your ferret is shedding, you need to give the same amount, but give it DAILY so your ferret stays healthy.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO FAITHFULLY IF YOU LOVE YOUR FERRET. Some ferret owners are unaware that they MUST give this cat laxative (it's in a tube and sold at any grocery store in the pet aisle, pharmacy in the pet department, or pet store). I prefer Laxatone or Laxastat and I give it to my ferrets as a 'treat' - they love it! Please, if you aren't already giving this - this *could* be the cause of your ferret's coughing - get some ASAP and give a 1" ribbon three times in one day and see if that clears up the coughing.

    You say that you've had him for two months - hopefully you have him set up with a local exotics vet that you can take him to.  If my ferret's breathing didn't sound just perfect to me, I'd get him to a vet right away. Could be that he has something stuck in his throat, maybe a small toy or part of a toy, fur, etc.  It's also VERY important that you "ferretproof" the area your ferret plays in so he can't get ahold of anything that he would eat and get stuck in his throat or intestines. Soft plastic, rubber, foam rubber, packing peanuts, baby bottle nipples, pencil erasers, there are SO many things that ferrets should not have access to!  Here is a link telling you all about ferretproofing:  and click on FAQs and start reading - it's all good information all ferret owners should know.

    Hope you will get your little one to your local vet as soon as possible if he is still breathing strangely in any way. It's always  worth getting a professional opinion when something as important as breathing is at stake.

    Best of luck

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