My little brother saw me having s*x.

by Guest4471  |  11 years ago

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My boyfriend and I are really close so one night we thought we should have s*x. we were having a great tome until... My 12 yr. Little brother barges into my room " he was looking for markers at my desk"  I don't know if he told my mom yet though!!!! And worse than that... My boyfriend BROKE UP WITH ME!!!! I'm Ssoooooo depressed. Help!!

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  1. Guest1220
    Ok, thats sounds really horrible. Talk to your brother he probily already knows about s*x. Talk to your boyfriends too. maybe you guys can work things ok. When/ if you talk to your brother dont threthen him not to tell mom just talk about what he say and that your sorry he saw that but everyone does it. When you talk to him make it sound like it your fault (even though its not) dont yell at him. Hope things work out and hope this helps :]
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