My microwave does not heat up the food, blower noise seems heavier, everything looks ok.

by Guest8093  |  9 years, 1 month(s) ago

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model no: MH6150XHa

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  1. Guest3970
    Please reply back with your brand and full model number from the tag on or in the unit.

    We have a sound clip of what a microwave should sound like when the cooling fan and high voltage section are operating here:

    A loud buzz, hum, or groan is usually a shorted high voltage rectifier diode, but a sound like gurgling into an empty coffee mug is one symptom of a failed magnetron, and yet  the mag can be bad without that sound.

    Let us know how yours compares.

  2. Guest8168
    It is a GE PROFILE.    SPACEMAKER XL 1800
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