My new JVC DVD/VCR (# HR-XVC11B) combo won't work

by Guest6204  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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I think I hooked up my JVC DVD/VCR to my cable box and tv correctly (according to the manual) and I turned on the DVD/VCR with the remote, clicked 'VCR', then pushed 'set-up' and nothing happened.  No menu came up on the screen.  I plugged the audio/video cables into the same holes on the back of my tv, that my old DVD player was hooked into.  I plugged the 2nd set of audio/video cables into the back of my digital cable box right where my old VCR was plugged into.  I thought I had all the wires correctly plugged into the JVC DVD/VCR recorder, but I don't know.  Please help.  I always tape my shows everyday when I'm at work.

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  1. Guest6990
    Look at your TV remote. It will have an input button. Push it and change to another input for your DVD/VCR Combo.

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