My shockwave won't work with a online game called Habbo

by Guest2664  |  13 years ago

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Well whenever i load shockwave it errors and restarts, how can i fix this? I have unistalled and downloaded again numerous times & i have cleared my cache.
I have windows 2000 xp
And i run on firefox 2.0 i tried with the 3 version as well.




  1. Guest6486
    well first of all you have to download any version of pacman and type in 'HABBO HABBO' this should make it come up with a code (usually numbers) mine was 3324.

    i am very bored ands another thinhg you have to do is eat a piece of cheese (if your hungry cos i was) but if you do allthis correctly you should type the code in as you username being 'PACMAN' and password 'YOUR CODE' (i typed 3324)

  2. Guest3966
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