NFL trade rumors about Cameron Jordan.

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There are some NFL trade rumors about Cameron Jordan. I heard that New England is looking for Cameron Jordan. Is this news true? Do you have any information regarding this? Someone please share information with me here.

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  1. Guest1168

    A news article about this event states that:

    The New England Patriots have more choices in the first two rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft than any other club. But, as asserted by a report from ESPN's Chris Mortenson, they're not looking to just sit back and use all four choices on themselves. Instead, they’re in converses to swap locations with the Dallas Cowboys, who actually contain the ninth general choose and have been dynamically looking to trade down. What could probably origin Belichick to trade into a higher slot? That would be personal freak of environment Cameron Jordan, a defensive end from Cal. The previous Golden Bear examines to be a flawless fit for Belichick's 3-4, with his overtake hurry abilities, run stuffing abilities, and his exclusive combine of power, dimensions and speed. But, there's furthermore effectively no possibility that Jordan will be accessible for the Pats' first choose in the preliminary, the 17th overall.


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