NO RACISM INVOLVED, Why do black people have such big lips?

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NO RACISM INVOLVED, Why do black people have such big lips?

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  1. Guest6325

     Black people are basically originated from the Africa the hottest continent of the world. Nature has given the entire world with a body structure that can fit in their given atmosphere. 

    Now why do black people got such big lips can easily understandable with the help of the following simple example. 

    People living in high lands or the places which are covered with snow always have got long noses because the length of their nose help them to breath easily in the colder season. If the length of their noses is not the way it is currently then there would have some sort of breathing problem with them. Same way people living in hot places have very small noses and big lips it is area defined that people have got different facial structures to fit best in the given atmosphere. Now the people who have migrated from Africa to America and now that the are having their 2nd or 3rd generation in America among these black people the lips are never big in size because they are becoming adoptive to the given atmosphere. Further more I think now things are quite clear in your mind but still if there comes any question in your mind then do let me know.

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