Nadal biggest rival of Federer.

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Is Rafael Nadal still the biggest rival of Roger Federer?

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  1. Guest2090

     Both are part of tennis and both are on the top position and therefore both have to be face to face with each other.

    Nadal and Federer the big names in tennis currently are top seated players and out side the ports boundaries both are very good friends to each other so they are just playing the game but are not the rivals to each other. 

    Now as they are the top seated so match between them is worth while watching. Extreme of play in a single match.

  2. Guest621

    Roger Federer believes Rafael Nadal is still his biggest rival in tennis, irrespective of what the rankings might say. Federer has slipped to third in the world ranking with the red-hot Novak Djokovic separating him from world number one Nadal.


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