Name few Tourist spots in New Zealand?

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Name few Tourist spots in New Zealand?

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    Few Tourist spots in New Zealand are given below:

    • Kaikoura : It is one of the few places in the world where whales can be seen all year round. In addition, dolphin swimming, seal swimming, fishing, diving, shark diving, and a large number of both land and water based activities is also available in this city.

    • Coromandel Peninsula : It is located at few hours’ drive from New Zealand's biggest city, Auckland, the Coromandel is gifted with an excellent climate coupled with few of New Zealand's famous beaches and coastline. The Hot Water Beach,which is thermal  is another attraction point for visitors wo. Volcanic heat raises through the ground permitting visitors to create their own spa pool by simply digging a small hole in the sand and waiting for it to fill up with warm sea water.

    • Tongariro National Park : The Tongariro National Park is one of the World Heritage Park and one of the ancient parks in the world. The park has three active volcanoes that are located in a desert like landscape and have so many attractions for visitors.

    • Westland National park : This national park is part of the South Westland World Heritage area and is popular for its two glaciers, Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. They are fabulous as they are the closest glaciers to the coastline of any in the world outside of the Polar Regions. This means they are not only reachable, but the climate is comparatively warmer to other glacial sites in the world.

    • Fiordland National Park : This beautiful Park is part of the South Westland World Heritage area and it is New Zealand's one of largest national park. The beauty in Fordland is nothing short of stunning, with deep fiords, huge mountains, raging waterfalls, and lush rain forests.


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