Names of National Highways of Pakistan.

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There are many highways in Pakistan but I just need the names of the National Highways of the country. Can anyone please help.

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     Roads should be tagged in accordance with their official classification or their significance. We can further refine this tagging scheme with active participation from OSM Pakistan users.  Highway: motorway: This tag should be applied to the carriageways of all designated motorways (M1-M10). Do not tag highways as motorways which have not be designated as such by NHA, Pakistan.

    Highway: motorway_link: The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a motorway (or between two motorways). Only use this on slip roads to which motorway regulations apply (the "last escape" slip road before a road becomes motorway is not a motorway_link and should be tagged as a trunk_link or primary_link as appropriate to the non-motorway road it diverges from)

    Highway: trunk: All National Highways built, maintained and designated as National Highways by NHA, Pakistan.

    Highway: trunk_link: The link roads (sliproads / ramps) leading to and from a National Highway.

    Highway: primary: A 6 or more lanes dual carriageway. Important or major highways in a city can also be tagged as primary.

    Highway: primary_link: The link roads (sliproads / ramps).  

    Highway: secondary: Regional highways mostly maintained by the Provincial Governments connecting cities, towns or villages.

    Highway: tertiary: 4 lanes dual carriageway roads in a city or high importance roads.

    Highway: unclassified: No administrative classification. Unclassified roads typically form the lowest form of the interconnecting grid network.

    Note: This is not a marker for roads where we still need to choose a highway tag.

    Highway: residential: Roads accessing or around residential areas and which are not primary, secondary or tertiary.

    Highway: service: A roadway providing connections to off-road destinations (such as car parks) or servicing private sites (such as industrial estates). Tagging a road as "service" indicates that the roadway should not be considered a through route nor expected to be of high quality. Pending a recognized tag for roads under construction, "service" may also be an appropriate tag for this purpose.

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