Natalie Portman likes pickle and ketchup.

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A friend told me that Natalie Portman likes pickle and ketchup a lot. She admits this on a media interview that she gets cravings for pickle and ketchup. Is this news true? Do you know something about this news?

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  1. Guest7415

    Yes this true, I also read in a news article which stated that: Natalie Portman has been telling the press she gets cravings for pickles and ketchup for months, but obviously few possess obeyed her warning. According to the National Enquirer, diners were “openly aghast” as Portman “squirted a huge glob of ketchup onto her dills, otherwise chomped and chewed with pickle juice drizzling down her chin” at Canter’s deli within LA not too long ago. Despite punishment from a ally (“LOOK AT YOU! You’re cornering my stomach, and everybody else’s too!”) And the gazes of the innocent, Natalie allegedly “just grinned and stroked her glad belly.” Apparently this went down at breakfast moment, too, adding towards the horror. The Oscar winner actresses is in New York now, so squeamish deli customers on the East Coast superior retain an eye out for this unabashed pickle addict.


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