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I tend to know how the Pakistani national  police monitors the highway. Need details.

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     "National Highway and Motorway Police (NH&MP) Pakistan is a Police Force responsible for the Law Enforcement of traffic rules and regulation on highways and newly constructed motorways of Pakistan. The year 1997, marked the advent of a golden chapter in the history of policing in Pakistan, when it was decided to raise a modern, competent and efficient force for policing of the Motorway (M-2). There were more sceptics than supporters, as it was considered a utopian project, given the background of previous attempts made to reform the Police. While the intelligentsia scoffed at the idea, professional policeman were unanimous that it was not possible to improve the Police.

    It goes to the credit of the dedicated team of new officers who stuck to the job and burnt the midnight oil to produce something unique and unmatchable. It is even more creditable when the outcome is viewed against the backdrop of serious time and resource constraints. The project was conceived originally by Mr. Afzal Ali Shigri three years earlier and a blue print was prepared by him. He was ably assisted by Mr.Shamim Ahmed an officer of Nations Transport Research Cell (NTRC).In recognition of his contribution he was inducted in NH&MP and is presently working as Director, a senior staff assignment. After the fall of Nawaz Sharif Government this project was also put in the cold storage. This original concept was the basis for raising the force and bringing it on ground in a period of six months. The most astonishing aspect of the project was that serving policeman taken on deputation from all over Pakistan were weaned from their old habits and molded into an efficient, honest and dedicated team.

    This daunting task was given to the then Inspector General Police Mr. Iftikhar Rashid and his team of a few dedicated Officers. It was these officers who undertook the impossible task of raising a professional and modern force for the M-2. The challenge was accepted by the leader of this motivated team. His boundless energy, unflinching determination, devotion to duty and inspiring leadership were responsible for motivating his team and producing unbelievable results. His vision and unflinching commitment helped him to cross the Rubicon. The British Motorway Police Trainers, after seeing this force in operations, remarked that the new force was even better than the British Motorway Police.

    This new force quickly earned the respect and appreciation of millions of road-users. Not a day passes, without praise and prayers for this force from the travelers on the Motorways & Highway. It will not be irrelevant to mention here that no fresh recruitment was initially made, and even average and below average Police Officers, from the Police Set-ups of the provinces were taken on deputation and were put through intensive training and motivational programs.

    All efforts were to mould this force as true public servants. The result of this great venture astonished everyone, even the dedicated team of officers who raised this force. It is also an astonishing fact that the officers, who were allegedly indulging in heinous malpractices in the provinces, have become noble, honest and efficient officers. It has been established beyond any doubt that given the proper working conditions and good leadership, our provincial Police forces can also perform wonders.

    The Government, recognizing the excellent performance of the Motorway Police, has expanded the network of NH&MP to all the National Highways. Initially starting policing on the Peshawar-Karachi National Highway (N-5). This decision again brought out criticism and some dissenting voices were raised. Every critic had visualized certain failures of this new department, on taking up the policing of N-5. The apprehensions were understandable, taking into consideration the complexity of the traffic, attitude of drivers and behavior of the pedestrians, on the Highways of Pakistan. Again the task was a very difficult one, and the goodwill and pride, already achieved on the Motorway, were also at stake.

    NH&MP taken over the policing of N-5, with effect from June 2001, which has proved very successful. With this success the Government has decided to handover all highways of Pakistan to NH&MP in phases. Now from February 2007 NH&MP has started policing on Coastal Highway (N-10) which is a very challenging task.

    Today, by the grace of Allah, we have at least one institution, i.e. the NH&MP, whose efficiency is being praised by people from all walks of life. From the very first day of its existence, the NH&MP has earned the good will and faith of the general public. Perhaps for the first time in the history of Pakistan, a Police Force is being lauded for its honesty, integrity, behavior, help and public service. In the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) report for the year 2002, it was reported that NH&MP is perhaps the only corruption free department in the country. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz declared this force as “Island of Excellence”. Now the people are demanding that this department may be declared as “Model” and this experiment may be implemented on the other departments. In its first instance, this experiment has been implemented on the Islamabad Model City Traffic Police.

    The dawn of the year, 2009 saw the National Highways & Motorway Police enter its 12th year of operations on the National Highways & Motorways of the country."

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