Nawaz Sharif died by Heart Attack, True?

by Guest7752  |  12 years, 11 month(s) ago

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Is news that Nawaz Sharif died by Heart Attack is True? What will be the future of Pakistan of great leader like Nawaz Sharif is no more live!!!

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  1. Guest1094

     Well the new is not true and if the news had been true as well in both causes the future of Pakistan will remain the same. 

    These people can never be loyal to country if they would have been loyal then Pakistan would have been at much much better place in the World.

    Pakistan is full of all sort of potential but unfortunately the country is in the hands of thief's and killers who not even carry about their own family members so how can be these freaks be loyal to the country.  

    The president to Pakistan has been involved in all sort of criminal activities from theft murder and many more things and the people of Pakistan made him the President. 

    Though people in Pakistan get education not still lack common sense. They do not know a single thing about democracy. 

  2. Guest5341

     i would not blame any politician at all i think we as a nation need to grow up and learn to select the right people for our future !

  3. Guest9530

    whats the proof that this news is true can anyone plz reply n give more info if nawaz sharif is dead or no.

  4. Guest4664

    its wrong the people just wanna kill him by theirself.thats set.........

  5. Guest499

    its april fool guys

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