Need Dubai apartments for rent short term?

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I am planning for a business trip to Dubai and after that I would like to spend few days for exploring the huge buildings and beautiful sceneries of Dubai. For that I would like to know the about the process or requirement to get Dubai apartment for short term stay. Please share any intermediate level hotel so that I can spend more money to get more experience. Any kind of help would be helpful to me. Regards!

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  1. Guest7021

    Dubai is a beautiful city of UAE, for vacation or visit for business work. You will find that the citizens of Dubai are hospitable and are welcoming to you during your time. If you are in the UAE for the short vacations, for a period of months or even weeks, you will want to find comfortable apartments in Dubai and choose the best one for your stay. Hotels can be fun if you intend to stay for 3 to 5 days, but the longer the period, the more you should consider Dubai apartments instead.

    The apartments are available for rent on monthly basis, but in my guess you are looking for a furnished apartment. The furnished apartments in Dubai are available in monthly basis I would share few links in which you can purchase the apartments as well as their detailed listings including the price, facilities with 360 view angle.

    If you are going to Dubai for 2 to 5 days then I would recommend another option for you if you are going for a short stay then in my opinion living in hotel is the best option to explore Dubai culture and traditions. Contact the website of the following apartments to know more about them.

    The best and cheap hotels for short stay in Dubai are:

    Desert Rose Hotel Apartment

    Chelsea Gardens Hotel Apartment

    Richmond Hotel Apartment

    Royal Home Hotel Apartment

    Mondestay Apartment

    Marina Apartment Dubai

    Almanar Hotel Apartment Deluxe

    For more information and details you can visit their website, you can chose your required apartment. Prices and facilities would be listed with each option, as well as you can purchase a room or apartment for fixed time duration by paying the cash online.

    If you want to know more about Dubai and best places to visit in Dubai then post your query without any hitch. I would fell honor by responding your queries as it comes. 

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