Need some Breakfast Sandwich Ideas

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My father is wondering for some Breakfast Sandwich Ideas, please help him.

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    Eating the identical morning serving of food day in and day out can become monotonous over time. Whipping up a quick-and-easy morning serving of food sandwich rather than can start your day right and have you looking ahead to each forenoon meal. Unleash your inward chef, and trial diverse morning serving of food fillings to flavor thing up.
    Salmon and Cream Cheese
    Salmon and elite dairy cheese is often discovered on peak of a bagel, and you can use these components for a morning serving of food sandwich that is dignified sufficient to assist at brunch. Spread elite dairy cheeses over pieces of toasted baked bread, and then location a part of smoked salmon over each piece. You can add other components like divide cucumber, tomato or onion as well.
    A banana sandwich is a sugary start to a forenoon, and you can make one with just a couple of ingredients. Toast two pieces of entire wheat toast, disperse a level of peanut dairy disperse on each part, and then add divide banana over the peanut butter. Put the two parts simultaneously and enjoy.
    A rotate on the vintage peanut dairy disperses and jelly sandwich can be a pleasant change in the morning. When putting simultaneously your next morning serving of food sandwich, make a usual peanut dairy disperse and jelly sandwich, then sprinkle some raisins and dry oatmeal over the jelly for a sandwich and basin of cereal in one.
    Egg Wrap
    An egg cover is a tasty way to get a fast protein rectify from your forenoon morning serving of food sandwich. Spread an ounce of supple dairy cheese like goat dairy cheese over a tortilla. Scramble an for demonstration and disperse the egg over the dairy cheese, covering up the tortilla like you would a burrito. Add additional veggies you have on hand for supplemented nutrients.

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