Need some useful information about Downriggers

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Anyone can tell me please what are Downriggers. I need some useful information about Downriggers.

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    Downriggers are a device utilised by anglers who troll the open waters of lagoons and deep rivers. They are utilised in both freshwater and saltwater angling, and assist hold lures and bait at a exact depth. Downriggers arrive in some dimensions and methods to rendezvous the desires of any angler.
    Downriggers are generally adhered to the rail of a vessel beside the stern. They comprise of a large spool topped up with hefty cable, a beam or rise that suspends over the back of the vessel and a hefty weight. The heaviness is generally made of lead and weighs between 5 and 20 pounds. It is adhered to the end of the twisted cord and let down into the water manually, or by electric driven motor. Most downriggers have a counting apparatus which permits the angler to hold pathway of how much twisted cord is paid out.
    Using Downriggers
    The large-scale benefit to utilising downriggers is their proficiency to hold lures and bait at a exact depth. To set up a line, location the angling rod in a rod holder and let out some angling line. Downriggers are equipped with a little clasp overhead the heaviness that protects the angling line. Clip the angling line up on the downrigger twisted cord and open the bail on the angling reel. Lower the heaviness to the yearned deepness, close the bail and reel up some line to put a angle in the rod. When a fish bites the lure, it will drag the angling line free from the clasp, initating the rod to jump up.
    Fishing with downriggers permits the angler to key in on the exact deepness of water the fish are using. Boats equipped with more than one downrigger often run lines at distinct depths until they find hardworking fish. Downriggers furthermore permit fishers to use lightweight lures, which would not else run to an ample depth. The use of downriggers furthermore endows anglers to use lightweight rods and lines. This not only makes catching fish more joy, but slashes down on friction as the water impels contrary to the angling line.
    Tips and Tricks
    The use of electronics while trolling with downriggers permits anglers to outlook what is going on underneath the surface. Modern fish finders assist fishers pinpoint game fish as well as the bait they feed on. If you have pinpointed the fish, but are still not getting bites, adapt the pace of the boat. Don't be aghast to change lures and trial with distinct colors and sizes.

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