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Please provide me complete contact information of New York City Department of Finance, i.e. their phone number, office address and fax number if possible. I actually am a small business owner and currently I am out of country and will be here for next one month or more may be. Back in New York I got some taxation related issues for which I need to send them some documents. I however, am not sure about the address, so if anyone can give me the address where I should send the documents or if I can have phone number so I can ask them all requirements in details. I asked a friend and the phone number he gave me is not responding, so I am kind of helpless. Can someone here please provide me the accurate contact details of New York City Department of Finance? I’ll be grateful!

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  1. Daniel Phil

    Well New York City Department of Finance is a big and complex establishment and there are too many divisions for dealing different activities and cases. I’d suggest you to visit the pages given below and select most appropriate division so you can get timely reply from them. Please, copy the below links in new browser window to open:

    • NYC Finance Department Email Addresses:

    • NYC Finance Department Postal Addresses:

    • NYC Finance Department Phone Numbers:


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