New (old) Aiwa AD-F850 tape deck jams

by Guest4877  |  12 years, 7 month(s) ago

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I dug out a tape deck that I had bought nearly 20 years ago.  I actually never used it, but bought it with a whole bunch of brand new songwriter equipment I was planning on using but didn't.  I have decided I can use it now and find the tape doesn't go into the drawer.  It's a beautiful machine and has some kind of cassette stabilizer thing in the cassette compartment, but even once I get it closed, the tape doesn't run smoothly.  Yeah, it's old, but was kept wrapped in plastic and should work like new.  Thanks.

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  2. amomipais82
    it sounds  like you have a belt that has stretched or broken  
    as these decks are power driven  and what your hearing is most likley the head switching from a to b  for play but  its not able to complete its programed  transfer due to a mechanical failure

    it should be looked at and properly cleaned and belts changed and you should be back in buisness

    hope this helps
  3. Guest4038
    you have to replace 2 belts for new
    1 fi 66 x 0,5 x 3 mm
    2 fi 78 x 0,5 x 3 mm
    buy them here:
    F.H.U.Kolan- bud
    Piotr Kotaba
    Siercza 258
    32-020 WIELICZKA
    approx 1,5 USD per pcs + post fee
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