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Please share the address of nexus international travel & tours office in abbotabad. Also tell about some other travel and tour offices in Abbotabad, so that i can compare the rates and can purchase ticket from the cheapest one. Please give detail about some travel agents of Abbotabad.

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  1. Guest9094
    Address of nexus international travel & tours is:
    2nd Floor, Usman Plaza , Near Sethi Masjid , Mansehra Road , Abbottabad, Pkistan
    Landmarks: Askari Bank, Manshera Road, Yousuf Jamal Plaza
    City: Abbottabad
    Phone +92-992-341953
    Fax +92-992-343138
    Mobile 0321-9801653

  2. Guest1572

     The address of Nexus International in Abbottabad is:


    2nd Floor, Usman Plaza , Near Sethi Masjid , Mansehra Road , Abbottabad, Pkistan

    Here is the contact detail of some other travel and tour agents in Abbottabad:

    • Abbottabad Travel & Tours (Pvt.) Ltd. +92-992-3446110

    Office # 19, 1st Floor, China Centre, The Mall Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan

    • AHMAD TRAVELS & TOURS +92-992-334469

    Office # 43-44, Iqbal Shopping Complex, The Mall, Abbottabad.

    • AL RUBA TRAVELS +92-992-343412

    Nomi Market, Supply Bazar, Mandian, Abbottabad

    • AL-FALAH TRAVELS +92-992-381381

    Mansehra Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan

    • AL-RAHAD TRAVEL & TOURS +92-992-812611

    Shop No 1,2, Zain Khan Building, Havelian, Abbottabad

    • Babar International Travel & Tours +92-992-3444600

    Al-Karam Plaza, Ground floor, Mansehra Road, Supply, Abbottabad, Pakistan

    • New Afghan Travel Agency +92-992-336442

    Office # 125, 1st Floor, Iqbal Shopping Centre, The Mall, Abbottabad.

    • S.S. Ghulam Hussain & Sons (Pvt) Ltd. +92-992-3304510

    CB 934/1, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan

    • Sarban Travel Agency +92-992-3350110

    Office 3 CB-301, Near UBL Building Branch, Mensehra Road, Abbottabad, Pakistan

    • Spinzer Travels (Pvt) Ltd. +92-992-3437790

    Office # 1 & 2, Ghakkar Plaza, Near Seathi Masjid, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad.

    • Travelwide Services +92-992-3362440

    306/3, Lala Rukh Plaza, Mansehra Road, Abbottabad

  3. Guest5407

    Nexus International Travel & tours, Abbottabad Address

    Given below is the address of Nexus International Travel & Tours office in Abottabad:

    2nd Floor, Usman Plaza , Near Sethi Masjid , Mansehra Road , Abbottabad, Pakistan 

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